Party Planning: Valentine's Day Recipes

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Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Valentine's Day is right around the corner — why not make chocolate-covered strawberries for your sweetie?

And for a fun twist, add some pink or red to your design scheme by mixing an oil-based food coloring, like these from Wilton, into your melted white chocolate.

(Don't use water-based food coloring, as it will seize the chocolate and ruin it.)


"Missing Piece" Cookies

Looking for a fun Valentine's Day project with the kids? Roll out your favorite sugar cookie dough and use large cookie-cutters or a knife to freehand extra-large hearts and other shapes. Allow the children to decorate the cookies as usual, but before putting them in the oven, use a knife to cut each in half, using a simple but distinct "puzzle" edge for each, and separate them so they don't stick together during baking. Bake as normal, divide the halves and hand out to kids with the assignment to match halves with each other to find their missing piece. (If you don't trust them to share the spoils equally, make a rule that whomever has the left half of the cookie gets to keep the whole thing, and make sure each child gets an equal number of left halves at the beginning of the game.)