Party Suggestions: Wine-Tasting Party

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A wine-tasting party is a wonderful opportunity to gather with your closest friends for an intimate evening of conversation and a shared, enlightening journey through the world of wines. A tasting party need not be pretentious — it can be as simple as selecting two flights (trios of small tasting pours of about 2 ounces each) of three reds and three whites, served with basic breads such as ciabatta and olive loaves, fruit and cheeses such as camembert and cheddar. For a more adventurous crowd, select a menu that deeply explores one theme, perhaps Cabernets around the world, and offers carefully selected accompaniments with each flight.

Provide guests pens and a way to take notes on each wine — a printed menu, with room for notes, outlining each bottle they will try over the evening is a wonderful touch, but simple note cards will suffice as well. Click here for free printable wine tasting cards. Serve wines at the appropriate temperatures, and display the bottles on the table so that guests can pore over the labels as they savor their taste.

Make sure to use the appropriate stemware for each variety, but this night is all about the vino, so beyond your glasses, set a simple table. For a basic party, provide cheese platters along with baskets of bread, crackers and dried fruit. Browse Our Bread Baskets and Plate Stands. If you plan more elaborate accompaniments, arrange them on platters and allow guests to serve themselves. Browse Our Plate Stands.