Party Suggestions: Round-the-World Party

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A round-the-world party brings heritage to the forefront, offering guest a chance to sample regional cuisine and, through that food, learn more about each other. Perfect for a small gathering, these parties require minimal work on the night of, but a bit of planning in advance. As you invite each person, ask if they would be comfortable preparing one dish associated with their country of ancestry. Assign each person a course (appetizers, entree and dessert are the most basic options, but for a larger group guests might bring regional salads, breads or drinks), or ask each person to bring one entree that can be served in small portions, tapas style, allowing fellow guests to sample each dish, while you provide the appetizers and dessert.

As each dish is introduced, ask its creator to talk a little bit about the dish and its connection to their heritage. Prepare platters of small mid-courses to cleanse the palate between dishes, and offer bread baskets and a salad, if those have not been provided by guests as part of the international theme. Consider using a tiered plate or bowl stand to display several dishes simultaneously without cluttering the table. Buffet Caddies keep all the necessities neatly organized and accessible for a hassle free experience that will impress your guests.