Party Suggestions: Kebab Party

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Put a twist on the standard summer barbecue by hosting a make-your-own kebab night. Whip up a few remarkable homemade rubs and dressings, cut the meat and veggies into chunks and relax while your guests enjoy grilling up their personalized creations. To make your party an even more memorable experience, swap the standard chicken, beef, onions and peppers for a regional menu. Include chile rubs, shrimp, chorizo and squash for a Mexican kebab night, or lamb and Greek dips for a Mediterranean evening.

Set up your kebab components buffet-style, on platters and tiered stands that make it easy for guests to see and access the selection of ingredients. Dip caddies can hold dressings or oils neatly, while picnic caddies can keep silverware, napkins and plates neatly organized even in an evening breeze. Browse Our Picnic Caddies, and Plate Stand.

Round out the meal by offering a crisp, green salad on the buffet, as well as baskets of bread or rolls to accompany the kebabs. Browse Our Bread Baskets.