Party Suggestions: Fondue Party

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Revive a retro favorite with an updated take on your mother's fondue nights. Fondue sets are available in a variety of price ranges, or you can simply dust off mom's vintage burnt orange pot for a serious throwback feel. Start with a cheese course, offering as dippers artisanal breads, bite-sized pieces of broccoli, cauliflower or apple (the contrast of crisp and cool against the hot cheese is delicious), even slices of hard meats such as sausage, arranged on space-saving tiered platters with guests' easy reach. Browse Our Tiered Plate Stands.

Continue to a meat course, replacing the traditional oil with a healthier, more flavorful seasoned broth for cooking. If offering only beef, use beef broth as your base; if offering just chicken and/or shrimp, opt for the chicken variety. If doing a combination of red and white meat and seafood, either beef or chicken broth can be used. Serve the meat along with a trio or more of dipping sauces such as homemade sesame-ginger for poultry and meat and a chipotle tartar for seafood.

Serve a green salad after the meat course to cleanse palates before dessert, then bring out a chocolate fondue for dessert. Your imagination is the limit for pairings, which can range from fruit such as strawberries, oranges and kiwi, to cakes such as frozen chunks of cheesecake or squares of toasted chocolate cake, to the distinctly unpretentious — but always popular — marshmallows. Play up the visual appeal of this course, with its typical range of colors and shapes, by serving dippers displayed on a buffet or tiered cake stand. For an unexpected mocha flavor, dust your fondue pot with a dash of instant coffee powder or add the same to the chocolate fondue while melting it. Browse Our Serving Caddies.