Philanthropy: This Month's Inspiration

Compassion International

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Diane Manley, customer service extraordinaire, offers compassion and a lifetime of learning for a child.

    I have sponsored a child through Compassion International for 4-5 years now. His name is Eduardo, he lives in Honduras and he is now 12 years old. I have pictures and letters, and you can check out their site at:

    The president of Honduras was removed from his house in the middle of the night about a year or so ago and the country was under military rule for a number of months. Eduardo's family lives in the capital and we did not hear from him for a very, very long time. We read every news article we could get our hands on and reading them made us worry even more. I was so relieved when the government stabilized and we got another letter from him! It's an awesome organization.

History of Compassion

Compassion through time

Compassion's work spans 57 years, from modest beginnings in 1952 when one man felt compelled to help 35 orphaned children in South Korea, to today, where more than 1 million children in 25 countries benefit from that original vision.

Child Sponsorship Program

Development through sponsorship

Child sponsorship leads to a lifetime of learning. It's a powerful approach to Christian child development, providing children with a broader view of the world and educating sponsors about the political and economic realities sponsored children face. This relationship provides both children and sponsors with a concrete example of how God works around the world.

Learning for Life focuses on a child's life from school age until program completion, aiming to prepare each sponsored child with the skills and knowledge required to assume adulthood, including those activities that will make the community a better place to live. We focus on preparing children to:

  • Follow Jesus Christ in faith and deed as part of their spiritual training
  • Support themselves and share with others in need as part of their economic training
  • Be responsible members of their family, church, community and nation as part of their social training
  • Maintain their own physical well-being

The knowledge and skills gained through these various activities contribute to the quality of life children experience throughout their whole lives. It all starts with one person taking the time to sponsor one child.