Gift Ideas: Wedding Showers

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Today's bridal showers have expanded far beyond the traditional Sunday-afternoon tea party, giving hosts free rein to organize an event as unique as the bride herself. Consider the latest trends and know you can't go wrong if you keep in mind that the bridal shower is about both gift-giving to usher in the new marriage (yes, etiquette says it's fine — even preferable — to tell guests where a couple is registered on bridal shower invitations) and creating a comfortable, entertaining atmosphere that allows new friendships to blossom among loved ones from all walks of the couple's life.


  1. Couples shower
    More grooms are getting in on the act, and co-ed events are an ideal way to introduce all of the couple's closest friends. Instead of an ultra-feminine atmosphere, plan a cocktail party or tapas night to put the guys at ease. Browse our Dining Room Collection.

  2. Activity shower
    The activity can be as elaborate as a weekend in the Napa Valley or as simple as a group cooking lesson — learning how to whip up a delicious dish isn't just a great parting gift, it's a fabulous way for friends to bond. Browse our Kitchen Collection.

  3. Wine shower
    For the couple who already has a well-appointed home, why not help prepare them for years of entertaining to come? Guests each can be asked to bring a good bottle of vino, while the bridal party can go in for a beautiful wine rack. Browse our Wine Rack Collection.

  4. Color-themed shower
    Themed gifts are always a great idea — think 'round the clock' or 'room-by-room' bridal showers — but take it a step further for a visual wow factor with a color theme that carries from food to decor, even to gift wrap. A green shower might feature a tiered buffet of crudities, pesto wraps and cucumber soup, as well as a cupcake tower full of goodies frosted in the signature shade. Browse our Dining Room Collection.


Foster a festive atmosphere by staging a beautiful buffet that encourages guests to chat and mingle. Keep these essentials at hand for a spread that's equally functional and stylish: